Because Social Media have become the most popular and recurrent mean of communication and information among the young and not-so-young, it is now an absolute must for brands to maintain a presence and points of contact on social media. Unlike other channels, social media offer an opportunity for two-way communication. It is the place to receive feedback, answer questions, and exchange some much needed brand love.

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At Mila Branders, we know how to use social media to the best advantage of your brand, no matter its size and investment capabilities. Our team has helped brands bridge culture gaps, reach out to reticent customers and create strong visuals that engage rationally and emotionally. Our strategy director has led the Facebook page of GatoNegro, Chile’s most adored wine brand, to 1 million fans. Meanwhile, our creative director is developing beautiful narratives for brands in Spain and abroad.

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One day not far from now, we will forget what a pen and paper was. We will consume people as brands and brands as people. The lines between corporate and consumer will become blur. Community managers will be the new psychologists and video ads the new life coaches.